Pride Plumbing can help with all of your residential plumbing needs in Australia – all with a level of service that is second-to-none.  Read about your service level guarantee here, and from our delighted customers here.


Our plumbing services include:


IN YOUR KITCHEN:  Blocked drains, faucet repairs and new installations, kitchen remodels, new sinks and faucets, appliance hook-ups, garbage disposal units, new lines.

IN YOUR BATHROOM: Bathroom remodels, blocked toilets, toilet repairs, leaking showers, tub and shower installations, new fixture installations.

PIPE PROBLEMS: Including leaking or burst pipes, new plumbing pipes, renovations, replacing galvanized pipes, copper repiping, PEX repiping, water pressure problems

WATER QUALITY: Water purifiers, water softeners, UV water purification, water conditioners, reverse osmosis

DRAINS & SEWERS: Clogged drains and sewers, drain repairs, sewer repair, new lines

HOT WATER: New water heaters, hot water repairs, tankless water heaters

SUMP PUMPS: Sump pump repairs, new sump pumps

ALL RESIDENTIAL NEEDS: All your other residential plumbing needs including laundry tubs and faucets, and outside hose bibs and sprinklers, and storm water and roof drains.

COMMERCIAL PLUMBING: Also able to help with the plumbing needs of businesses – see our commercial plumbing needs here.


For all your plumbing needs in Australia, choose the satisfaction guaranteed service and up-front price great value you receive from Pride Plumbing.  Call Pride Plumbing today.