Pipes and Leaks

For all your pipe issues including leaks and replacing old piping with copper in South Australia, discover the extra level of care, attention and value you can receive from Pride Plumbing. You can read more about your customer service level guarantee here, and from our other delighted customers here.

Pride Plumbing can help with all your pipe problems, repipes and new installations:

Replace Old Piping With Copper- PIPE LEAKS AND BURST PIPES: We can diagnose the source of the problem to save you time and money. Once located we can suggest a range of possible solutions, from spot repairs to partial or full repipes.

– WATER PRESSURE PROBLEMS: If you have intermittent or low water pressure problems then its possible that you have a problem with your system’s pipes. A common cause is corrosion of older galvanized pipes.

Help with frozen pipes- FROZEN PIPES: If your pipes have frozen we can help with solutions to help restore them to working order, while also containing, minimizing and repairing any damage to the pipe while it was frozen.

– LOUD PIPES: If your pipes make a loud noise when faucets are shut off (or when a washing machine or dishwasher is running) then we have a simple solution to this ‘water hammer’ problem that can save your sanity and your pipes.

– RUSTY OR POOR TASTING WATER: Corrosion of older pipes may create rust-colored or poor-tasting water – we can help with an upgrade to your home’s piping.

– GALVANIZED PIPES: One of the most common causes of some of the problems described above are older galvanized pipes which are prone to rust and corrosion over time. That can build up inside the pipe, or corrode right through until it leaks. We can help with a partial or full repipe of your plumbing system.

– PEX OR COPPER REPIPES: A significant upgrade to many plumbing systems can be obtained by an upgrade to PEX or copper piping – the modern choices for new homes. We can help you with expert advice and professional and guaranteed workmanship on one of the most skillful plumbing jobs your home will ever need.

– CODE COMPLIANCE: We can help keep your home code compliant, it is not uncommon for homeowners to discover when they try to sell their homes that the piping in their home does not comply with local building codes. Our experts can put your system right again. If you are looking to buy a home with pipe problems, call and speak with us about ways we may be able to help, or for an independent opinion.
Why Pride Plumbing?

Satisfaction Guaranteed Service. When you choose Pride Plumbing you can be sure of professionals that take care of your home and your needs, all with a level of service that is second-to-none:

1. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED SERVICE: You’ll be delighted with the care and attention you receive.

2. CLEAN-CUT AND TIDY: We’ll look after your home, be respectful, polite and tidy. We ALWAYS tidy up when finished, and look after your floor coverings while working.

3. PER JOB PRICING: We charge by the job NOT the hour. On a major repipe you will appreciate the peace of mind knowing the full price up-front.

4. ON-TIME CONVENIENCE: You won’t be left waiting around – with Pride Plumbing you choose the time, and we’ll be there.

5. PROFESSIONALS: Fully licensed and insured, for an experienced level of plumbing service backed by a written guarantee.

6. GREAT VALUE: When you choose Pride Plumbing you can be sure of great service and great value – look out for our special offers and discounts on all service calls and repairs.

For all your pipe problems, leaks, repairs and repipes in South Australia, call and speak with the pipe specialists from Pride Plumbing today.