Pride Plumbers

South Australian Domestic and Commercial Plumbing

For all your commercial, municipal, industrial plumbing needs in South Australia, you can count on the priority commercial service and expertise you receive from Pride Plumbing. Discover the commercial plumbing difference for your business or facility:



We can be there with a rapid response in emergencies. Serving Local Business and Industry


Fully licensed and insured, and trained to the highest levels.


More convenient service – we’ll be there when you need us.


Able to work with commercial invoicing systems and out-of-state headquarters. We can help with all of your commercial plumbing needs, including:

Helping to keep your business running- DRAIN CLEANING AND SEWER REPAIR: Fast repairs and replacements for your business.

  • HOT WATER: Commercial hot water system repairs, and manifold tankless hot water installations.
  • LEAKING PIPES AND BURST PIPES: Leaks located and repairs
  • PEX AND COPPER REPIPES: Upgrade your facility’s piping
  • RESTROOMS: Employee and customer restroom maintenance and new repairs
  • AERONAUTICS INDUSTRY: Serving the plumbing needs of the local aeronautics and engineering industry.
  • RESTAURANTS, COFFEE HOUSES AND FOOD & DRINK OUTLETS: Experts with meeting the plumbing needs of food and drink outlets.
  • WATER QUALITY: For your employees, customers, visitors and machinery maintenance
  • DRINKING FOUNTAINS: Keeping your building compliant with drinking fountain installation and maintenance.
  • PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE: Help to prevent inconvenient repairs in the future with preventative maintenance to keep your business running smoothly.

For all your commercial and industrial plumbing needs in South Australia call and speak with the dedicated commercial team at Pride Plumbing today – we’re here to help.